Earn some pocket money

Coinbase learn and earn:

The program is available for all eligible Coinbase users.
All you have to do is watch some short videos about some
cryptocurrency and complete a short quiz to test your understanding.
You will get rewarded with that particular crypto.
To sign up for Coinbase learn and earn you have to:

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Rollercoin is an online mining simulator game.
You can build your own virtual data centre to mine cryptocurrencies.
The hashing power needed to mine the coins is created by buying miners or playing mini games.
If you sign up using my referral link , you will receive 1000 Satoshi for free!
(1 Satoshi =0.00000001 BTC)

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Cointiply is a multi crypto faucet.
The following methods are available for earning:

The loyalty system rewards members who visit Cointiply every day.
Your bonus increases by 1% for each consecutive day
you make a valid claim.
If you failed to login a day you fall back to 1 point.
The Cointiply rain pool rewards users with free coins just by participating in chat and earning on Cointiply.
Cointiply quests is a new way to earn coins by completing tasks.

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Peer2profit pays you for sharing your unused bandwidth.
All you have to do is install the Peer2profit application.
You can install it on more than one device.
The app is available for Windows,MacOs, Linux and Android.
The minimum payout amount depends on the payment system.
You need between $2 and $14 to be able to withdraw.
The exact amount is specified in your personal account.

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Multi cryptocurrency faucet.
The following methods are available for earning:

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Firefaucet is also a multi crypto faucet.
Earn ACP (auto claim points) and convert that ACP
to any cryptocurrency supported by Firefaucet.
You can earn ACP by:

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Faucetpay is a micro wallet that you can use to receive and
store the cryptocurrency you earn (from faucets).
Faucetpay is also a multi cryptocurrency faucet.
The following methods are available for earning:

Once a day you can claim a login bonus.
This will gradually increase every consecutive
day you visit the site.
The maximum Reward Points is 100 Reward Points.
If you failed to login a day you will fall back to 1 point.

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Publish0x is a publishing platform that rewards
both authors and readers.
Readers have the option to send a micro tip to the authors
and get a portion of the tip for themselves.
Tips are free for both reader and author and come
from the Publish0x rewards pool.
Tips can be made and received in Statera or Ampleforth.
The minimum threshold for a payout is very low , only $0,5.

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Earn coins and use them to open mystery boxes.
1 coin can open 1 mystery box and can contain cash , raffle tickets and other instant rewards but can also be empty.
The following methods are available for earning coins:

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The following methods are available for earning:
Get $0.1 for signing up.

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