Mage macros

Mage World of Warcraft macros.

Mage Polymorph macro

#showtooltip Polymorph
/clearfocus [modifier:alt]
/focus [@focus,noexists]
/clearfocus [@focus,help][@focus,noharm]
/stopmacro [@target,noharm]
/cast [@focus,exists,harm][@target] Polymorph

This macro sets your target as focus and casts Polymorph.
Press Alt will clear your focus.

Instant ice block

#showtooltip Ice Block
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast Ice Block

This macro stops whatever you are casting and casts ice block,click the macro again to remove the ice block.

Slow fall

/cast [@mouseover,nodead,help] Slow Fall

Casts Slow fall on your mouseover target.

Spellsteel macro

/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Spellsteal

Casts Spellsteel at your focus if you have one , else on your target.

Mage bomb

#showtooltip Mage Bomb
/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead] Mage Bomb; Mage Bomb

Casts Mage bomb on your mouseover target or on your target if you don't have a mouseover target.

Wod mage macro:Arcane missiles

#showtooltip Arcane missiles
/cast [nochanneling:Arcane Missiles] Arcane Missiles

Spammable Arcane Missiles.

Counterspell target or focus

#showtooltip Counterspell
/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] Counterspell
/cast [nomodifier:shift] Counterspell

A mage macro that stops whatever you are casting and casts counterspell. Holding down shift will counterspell your focus.

Mouseover remove curse

#showtooltip Remove Curse
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Remove Curse

Mage macro that stops casting and removes the curse on the target you mouse over.

Instant blink

#showtooltip Blink
/cast Blink

Stops your casting and blinks.

Deep Freeze target or focus

/cast [mod:shift,target=focus] Deep Freeze; Deep Freeze

Casts Deep Freeze on your target or focus target when shift+macro.

Instant flamestrike macro

#show Flamestrike
/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Flamestrike