Hunter macros

A selection of useful wow Hunter macros.

Hunter pet intimidation macro

/use Intimidation

Send your pet to attack current target and use intimidation.

Hunter spirit mend macro

/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][@player]Spirit Mend

Use spirit mend on your mouseover target else on yourself.

misdirection macro

/use [help][@focus,help][@pet]Misdirection

Use Misdirection on your friendly focus ,pet or target.

Counter Shot macro

#showtooltip Counter Shot
/cast [@focus,exists][@mouseover,harm][harm] Counter Shot

Cast Counter Shot on your focus target else on mouseover target else your current target.

pet management macro

/cast [@pet,dead] Revive Pet
/cast [nopet] Call Pet 1

Revive your pet when it is dead , call pet 1 if you don't have one.

Wod 6.2.3 deterrence macro

#showtooltip deterrence
/cast !deterrence

Stop your current cast and auto cast and cast deterrence.

Wod 6.0 spirit mend macro

/use [help][@player]Spirit Mend

Cast spirit mend on yourself if you have a spirit beast.

5.0 Hunter Scare Beast macro

/cast [@mouseover,harm][] Scare Beast

Casts Scare Beast on your mouseover target.

Binding shot macro

#showtooltip Binding Shot
/cancelaura Deterrence
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cast Binding Shot

Cancels Hop and Deterrence and cast Kill Shot.

Beastmaster Blink Strike macro

#showtooltip Blink Strike
/use 13
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast Rabid
/cast Blink Strike

Uses trinket , Bestail Wrath and Rabid for max pet damage.

Hunter Killshot macro

#showtooltip Kill Shot
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Deterrence
/cast Kill Shot

Cancels Hop and Deterrence and casts Kill Shot.

Silencing shot on focus

#showtooltip Silencing Shot
/cast [target=focus] Silencing Shot

Silencing shot your focus without losing your target.

Feign death macro

#showtooltip Feign Death
/cast Feign Death

This hunter macro stops wathever you are casting and casts feign death.

Disengage and wingclip macro

#showtooltip Disengage
/cast Wing Clip
/cast Disengage

Wing clips your target and disengages.

Hunter Misdirection focus macro

/cast [target=focus] Misdirection

Scatter Shot on your focus

#showtooltip Scatter Shot
/cast [@focus] Scatter Shot

Casts Scatter Shot on your focus target without losing your target.

Mouseover Scatter Shot macro

#showtooltip Scatter Shot
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Scatter Shot
/cast Scatter Shot

Casts Scatter Shot on your mouseover if you have one , else on your target.

Petattack macro

/cast Kill Command
/cast Hunter's Mark