Shaman macros

World of Warcraft shaman macros.

Shaman wind rush totem macro

/cast [@player] Wind Rush Totem

Stop current cast and put wind rush totem at your position.

Shaman wind shear macro

#showtooltip wind shear
/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Wind Shear

Cast wind shear on your focus or target if no focus target.

Legion healing rain at cursor macro

#showtooltip Healing Rain
/cast [@cursor] Healing Rain

Place healing rain at your cursor.

Purge focus target

#showtooltip purge
/cast [@focus,exists][@target] Purge

Cast purge on your focus target or target if no focus target.

Older possibly outdated macros

Chain Heal macro

#showtooltip Chain Heal
/cast [@mouseover , exists] Chain Heal; Chain Heal

Cast Chain heal on your mouseover target else on your target.

Wod Enhancement Cooldown macro

#showtooltip Ascendance
/cast Elemental Mastery
/cast Ascendance

Pops your cooldowns.

Earth shock macro

/clearfocus [@focus,dead]
/cast [@focus,harm,exists] Earth Shock
/cast Earth Shock

This shaman macro stops whatever you are casting and casts Earth shock on your focus target.
If your focus target is dead it will Earth shock your current target.

Mount or Ghost wolf

/cast [stance][combat,nomounted][button:2] Ghost Wolf;Mount Name
/dismount [mounted]

Replace Mount Name with the name of your mount.
This macro shifts you into Ghost wolf when in combat or puts you on your mount when out of combat.
Right clicking the macro will shift you into Ghost wolf.

Water or lightening shield

/cast [nomodifier] Lightning Shield; [modifier:shift] Water Shield;

Casts lightening shield and water shield when holding down shift .

Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave

#showtooltip Healing Wave
/cast [nomodifier] Healing Wave; Lesser Healing Wave

Casts Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave if you hold down any modifier key .

Instant healing wave macro

#showtooltip Healing Wave
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Healing Wave